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Cannabis Product Trends for the Past Year are in, Stay Ahead of the Industry with our Analysis.

Here at DIZPOT, we believe that staying informed and ahead of the curve is an absolutely vital part of what makes us such a force in the Cannabis Packaging Industry. Our ears are constantly open to exciting new options and ideas, but we would be at fault if we did not take this same proactive […]

Burnt Out Prepping for 420? Be Ready for 710 with DIZPOT!

Burnt Out Prepping for 420? Be Ready for 710 with DIZPOT! We’ve all heard of 4/20, but 7/10 is also a significant cannabis-themed holiday! For those of you who don’t know what 710 is, flip your phone or computer upside down right now…wow…it looks like OIL! Okay, but seriously, how is it already April? 4/20 […]

New Mass Texting Rules for Dispensaries

Who doesn’t love receiving subscribed texts from their favorite dispensaries? They are the fastest and most direct way to communicate daily deals, ongoing promotions and other relevant information from dispensaries to patients. Mass texts save patients time and frustration by not having to search through different apps and websites to find the deals tailored to […]

SAFE Banking Act Marks Turning Point for Industry

One of the most pressing issues faced by the legal Cannabis industry today is the inability of most banks to work with dispensaries because of Cannabis’ status as a Schedule 1 substance. While limited banking access may cause a dangerous climate for dispensaries due to security risks, the major issue is loss of typical banking […]

WraPure – The Newest Cannabis Care Packaging Brand

From the packaging masterminds at DIZPOT comes a new brand in excellent Cannabis packaging, WraPure. The launch of WraPure stems from a lack of premier, food-grade packaging for concentrates and flower in the Cannabis industry. We at DIZPOT feel that the medical marijuana patient should be able to put the same level of trust in […]

House Introduces SAFE Banking Act with 106 Cosponsors – National Cannabis Industry Association

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Resolve Legal Cannabis Industry’s Banking Woes   SAFE Banking Act would provide a safe harbor for financial institutions who work with legal cannabis businesses, their employees, and ancillary industries     WASHINGTON, D.C. – A bill that would make it easier for financial institutions to work with the cannabis industry was introduced […]

Marijuana Packaging Disparities Calls for Interstate Unification

It is no secret that the legal Cannabis industry will grow exponentially for the foreseeable future, with new legislation in process across 34 U.S. markets. A vibrant new industry has come to fruition and is beneficial not just to public health, but it provides jobs and a healthy stream of tax revenue. However, like all […]

Don’t Be Fooled By Marketing Ploys that Increase Your Cost

The mylar bag has become the Cannabis Industry’s most viable packaging option for many reasons. It is robust, does not compromise the quality of the product it contains, and protects the product from outside contamination. Some organizations claim to have developed superior technologies to the mylar bag, though they are simply using new words and […]