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DIZPOT HIGHlights: Traci Black

Traci Black is the Director of Operations and a vital member here at DIZPOT. Owners John Hartsell and Jeff Scrabeck believe that she is one of the key reasons why DIZPOT has been able to prosper, grow, and provide exceptional service to our clients at all times. Her knack for leading businesses into prosperity and […]

The Challenges of Edibles Packaging

Edibles are some of the most unique and interesting products to market in the cannabis space. There are so many different types of food-based THC products you can make, and their appeal is clearly apparent. MJBizDaily explains that “Edibles increased their market share from 10.65% in 2019 to 11.07% in 2020 – that performance meant […]

Golf and Cannabis: A Perfect Match?

We all know the pleasures of cracking open a cold beer on the golf course, but have you tried lighting up a joint on the green instead? From THC to CBD, there has been increased curiosity about how the effects of these substances can benefit athletes. For example, many PGA Tour players have begun to […]

Why Quality Cannabis Packaging for Your Product Matters

In the Cannabis Packaging world, the quality of the product you’re selling and the quality of your packaging go hand in hand. Your business cannot be successful without both working together seamlessly and cohesively. You may be asking why this is the case. Why do I need to bother with high-quality packaging if I already […]

Gorilla Blue, the Glue That Held DIZPOT Together

After 3 successful years, our beloved Gorilla Blue has been retired from service. Since the beginning, this van has been with DIZPOT and represents a special time in our company’s history. From delivering pop tops to picking up orders, our big blue van was an infamous fixture in DIZPOT culture. To honor its history, we […]

The Benefits of IML Joint Tubes

What is an IML Joint Tube?   IML (In-Mould Labelling) Joint Tubes are 90mm and 116mm pop-tops that offer some of the most permanent, accurate, and seamless looking labels for your joint tubes. This technique differs significantly from the standard printed label and gives the customer a wider variety of design options. Utilizing more intricate […]

The Resin Industry Shutdown

The state of Texas, known for its sunshine and sprawling deserts, experienced some of its coldest weather in 30 years this past February. Temperatures in this notoriously sunny state plummeted to 0F, and power outages caused by Arctic-like weather threw the state’s manufacturing industry into disarray. Refineries located in the Gulf Coast were greatly impacted, […]

Color Psychology for Cannabis Packaging

Attracting a customer to your brand quickly and reliably is vital to any business, but this can sometimes be difficult to do amongst the surplus of other brands in the cannabis industry. You need to grab attention, maintain brand recognition, and excite your customers rapidly in order to stand out using color psychology for your […]