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Emerging Trends in Cannabis: The Cannabis Cafe

Throughout the past few years, cannabis cafes have been popping up around the nation, becoming the new, trending way to purchase and consume cannabis products. Usually a combination dispensary and eatery, these cafe styles vary by location and state. Currently, cannabis cafes are not legally permitted to serve cannabis-infused food.  Instead, they serve a widely-varied […]

Coronavirus Update from DIZPOT

To our valued customers, colleagues, and support organizations: At DIZPOT we value our partnerships which enable us to provide service and supply to the world’s greatest and fastest-growing industry. Our commitment to you all is to continue to provide our signature Old School Service while respecting the restrictions which have been advised by our federal […]

MedMen: The Legacy of a Cannabis Mogul

A cannabis monarch is crumbling, one corporate mismanagement at a time. MedMen was co-founded in 2010 by Adam Beirman and Andrew Modlin because they saw opportunity in the cannabis industry, and it has grown to one of the largest cannabis dispensary chains in the United States, expanding their franchises between seven states. So, what went […]

Collinsville, IL Dispensary Sells $5M in First Month of Legalization

Article from St. Louis Public Radio ( “COLLINSVILLE — Illinois Supply and Provisions recorded $5 million in sales of recreational marijuana in the first month of the year, city officials announced Tuesday. The preliminary figures come after a strong month of sales across the whole state. Illinois sold nearly $40 million of legal marijuana in […]

A Letter to the Editor of Hemp News from John Hartsell, owner of DIZPOT.

Letter to the Editor John Hartsell Owner, DIZPOT LLC The Green Rush is over?  Middle America says otherwise. Founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, Cheryl Shuman recently proclaimed that “the Green Rush will be over” and that only consolidation lies ahead. Shuman has made a name for herself influencing high-stakes investments in the California […]

Chinese New Year is here!

Chinese New Year is here, and many of our manufacturers will be taking time off to celebrate.  Place your orders now to stock up on bags, tubes, and boxes, and have them delivered by the beginning of February.

Marijuana Legalization Bill Approved By Congressional Committee In Historic Vote

Could federal legalization finally be in sight? introduced by Chairman Jerrold Nadler, This legislation Could deschedule Marijuana and expunge thousands of records. Will this be the start of a long road to the end of marijuana prohibition and drug wars? we hope so! Read here:

AZ Medical Marijuana Cards Go Digital

The Arizona Department of Health Services announced today that it will be switching to a digital identification system for medical marijuana cardholders.  Current patients should update their information with ADHS as soon as possible to take advantage of the new system.  The ADHS issued the following instructions for updating your information:   Hello, To better […]

DIZPOT Quick Hits Marijuana Stocks and Trading 11/05/19

Mexico is about to legalize, What could this do for the marijuana stock market? very soon another 128 million or so people will gain access to legal marijuana. Legislators in Mexico are finalizing regulations to make marijuana legal. The legislative effort came after the country’s Supreme Court ruled last year that Mexico’s ban on recreational […]

DIZPOT Quick Hits • Arizona Medical Marijuana News • 10/17/2019

Big changes are on the horizon for Arizona’s marijuana legislation.  Get the latest here. • Ever wonder who’s putting in all the money to help bring legalization to Arizona in 2020? Find out who the movers and shakers are and what they are doing to back legislation in AZ next year. Arizona needs all the […]