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DIZPOT offers touch, slim line, variable voltage and EVOD-style batteries with differing sizes to accommodate all consumer experience levels – from beginner to expert. All our 510 thread batteries are the building block of a solid Cannabis oil pen. All are rechargeable by USB, come with a charging port and fit most atomizers or Cannabis oil cartridges. All batteries are tested before shipping and have a 30-day window for replacement of defective batteries after delivery.Less experienced consumers will appreciate the ease of a touch battery. As the name suggests, this battery type allows for simply inhaling without pressing a button. After inhaling for 10 seconds, it automatically shuts off to protect the longevity of the battery. Touch batteries are also a good choice for branding for first time patient specials, giveaways and an introduction to Marijuana oil pens.Slim line batteries offer a slim profile and sleek look, perfect for fitting in a pocket. A flush mounted button allows users to power off and on by clicking this Cannabis oil pens’ button five times. This battery works well with CBD oil tanks and has 350 and 400 mAh capacity with various colors and finishes. We also carry variable voltage 400 mAh slim line batteries with three voltage levels in green, blue and red. By clicking three times, the light around the button will change colors to indicate voltage change from 2.7 to 4.0. DIZPOT also offers 650, 900 and 1100 mAh pens that twists at the base to change the voltage from 3.2 to 4.8.

Variable voltage batteries are great for advanced consumers looking for a marijuana oil pen flexible for vaping Cannabis oils of all viscosities and types. Increasing the temperatures on a 510 thread battery allows for consumption of thicker Marijuana oils; decreasing the temperature is more suitable for thinner oils.

Our 650, 900 and 1100 mAh pen batteries are a longer-lasting, larger and simpler version of the slim line battery. Our marijuana oil pen batteries also turns off and on with five clicks of the button, is rated for 300 charge/recharge cycles and available to order in various colors.

Contact the DIZPOT team to select and brand the best batteries for custom Cannabis oil pens at your dispensary!


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