Our 6-step approach to branding allows for us to deliver truly custom packaging while showcasing your brand’s identity. We design our artwork in-house, and our Cannabis industry specific knowledge allows us to translate your idea from initial idea to completed product. We work autonomously with each brand to deliver a custom experience — providing you with our #1 core value: Old School Service.

Step 1: Consultation. It’s your idea. We want to hear what you want. We will court your idea with suggestions that allow for it to shine on packaging.


Step 2: Sketching. We begin sketching ideas almost immediately — after all, it is the only way we release the creativity from churning in our brains.


Step 3: Concepts. With any branding request, we don’t provide just one logo. Rather, we provide you with an entourage of ideas in different formats called, concepts.

DIZPOT Branding Review

Step 4: Review. We allow for you to review your concepts by selecting what you like, and making changes on the fly. We are determined to get it right the first time!


Step 5: Finalize. We want you to love your brand’s identity. We work with you directly to finalize your design whether it be remote, or at our HQ.


Step 6: Launch. We apply your brand identity to our custom Cannabis packaging to provide a truly astonishing result. After all, we are the package experts so leave all those pesky printing details to us. Oh, and if you have a launch party, make sure to invite us — we make great guests as well!