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    DIZPOT Quick Hits • Arizona Medical Marijuana News • 10/17/2019


    Last updated October 27, 2020

    Big changes are on the horizon for Arizona’s marijuana legislation.  Get the latest here.

    Ever wonder who’s putting in all the money to help bring legalization to Arizona in 2020? Find out who the movers and shakers are and what they are doing to back legislation in AZ next year. Arizona needs all the help it can get and these people are pushing us forward to recreational use!

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    Stay up to date on Ballot measure changes — more innocent people being released for marijuana charges, more licenses being allowed, and more! Don’t miss a minute of Arizona Marijuana news and keep your finger on the pulse. These are important things and you know what they say, Knowledge is power!

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    Larger Marijuana Companies are coming to Arizona and Nevada! Cresco Labs Inc., one of the largest vertically integrated multistate cannabis operators in the United States, announced a significant expansion of its presence in Nevada and Arizona through the signing of a purchase agreement to acquire certain assets from Tryke Companies, a vertically integrated seed-to-sale cannabis company, including six Reef Dispensary locations in Nevada and Arizona, expanded licensed cultivation and process capacity in Las Vegas and Phoenix and entry into the Utah market.

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    Cresco Labs Acquires 2 Arizona Marijuana Dispensaries

    Employers may have a harder time removing you from your position over marijuana use. The public, Arizona legislature, and courts are becoming more permissive toward marijuana use. As additional states adopt protections for employees who use medical marijuana and also legalize recreational marijuana, employers are left with more questions than answers about employee marijuana use. It may well be that one size does not fit all employers in approaching this issue.

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    Employee use of marijuana — where are we headed?

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