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DIZPOT offers the finest quality jars and accompanying tops for custom glass marijuana packaging container. Glass jars protect the valuable product inside and are smell proof from the outside. The precious trichomes containing the most sought-after medicinal properties from the plant are best stored in glass, as it sticks less compared to other Cannabis packaging materials.

Company branded or uniquely designed jars are a classic addition to your loyalty program, first time patient gift and for patients and consumers to purchase for personal storage. Large jars also make great wall art as it displays the beauty of your Cannabis product for everyone to admire. Presentation is everything!

Sizes for glass Cannabis packages range from 6 ml, perfect for concentrates, to mini vials suitable for tinctures, all the way up to ounce jars perfect for flower. Jar styles can be more modern with plastic black or white screw top lids or a more rustic glass marijuana packaging style with a mason jar accompanied with a traditional metal screw top lid. A wooden slip lid designed to nest for an airtight seal smell proofs the jar and offers a natural style. Silicon or plastic lids (many available in childproof options) for small concentrate jars are also available to order. Many dispensaries are using anchor jars for display purposes – DIZPOT has that, too!

Customization may begin with a heat-pressed decal on the glass, resistant to heat and peeling. Or the glass can be customized by directly printing on the jar or creating labels to fit your company brand.

Glass Cannabis packaging customization can continue at the top with the lids, too. Plastic lids can be customized with printing or labels, while wooden lids can be etched with your logo, slogan or custom design. The wooden lids are wrapped in a soft rubber to suction-seal for a smell proof container that maintains freshness. This is a great option for a brand looking to especially connect with millennials who tend to be drawn to natural materials in design and place emphasis on quality and value when making purchasing decisions.

DIZPOT also carries glass marijuana packaging supplies to pressure seal with inliners and heat-wrap plastic tamper evident seals to lead a longer shelf life. We also offer a variety of sizes and styles of syringes best for administering RSO or FECO.

Glass cannabis packaging products have differing delivery timeframes and may vary from order to order upon approval of the artwork and mockups.

One thing is certain – these glass jars won’t be thrown away! Contact us today to place your custom glass order!


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