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Paper products play a key role in Cannabis packaging as compliance of medicinal and recreational marijuana laws, which vary by state, often depend on paper items. There are many ways paper products are used in marijuana packaging and the Cannabis industry such as labels, paper bags and envelopes. Paper products are very affordable and offer customization for any brand looking for quality paper Cannabis packaging.

Labels of any size and shape allows you to customize your paper marijuana packages very graphic, or provides a simple solution to displaying your license number, harvest date, weight, batch and package ID or other information mandated through state labelling laws. The DIZPOT graphics team will work with you to create a standout label to meets your needs. Labels can also be used for branding opportunities and DIZPOT offers a number of adhesive options – including everything from a stick-and-peel adhesive to permanent adhesive.

Cannabis exit bags, known as prescription, medication or Rx bags, are another great opportunity to use design to establish brand identity as patients or adult consumers exit your dispensary. There are two styles of paper Cannabis exit bags – flat bottom and pinch bottom. The flat bottom paper Cannabis exit bags range in size from 2# (two pound), 4# (four pound) and 6# (six pound), and the pinch bottom paper Cannabis bags are available in two sizes, 3.5” x 1.5” x 10” and 5” x 2” x 10”.

Envelopes are a great compact solution to storing wax or shatter concentrates. In higher quantities, envelopes can be custom-printed or in lower quantities, pair well with custom labels. Working with the DIZPOT team, create your own custom paper marijuana packaging design with corner-to-corner coverage. We also offer great finishes like spot varnish or gloss, matte coating and die cut windows and flaps. Customers will also appreciate that this form of paper Cannabis packaging has a smaller environmental footprint than containers from other materials.

If you’re looking for something simple or designed to awe and educate your patients or consumers, we also have several fun finishing options like die cutting, foiling, varnishing, embossing, stamping or debossing and perforating. Our team will help you create whatever your (paper Cannabis packaging) heart desires. (Looking for something sturdier but still light? Check out our cardboard page.)

Paper marijuana packaging product delivery times varies from five days to three weeks upon approval of artwork and mockups.

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