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DIZPOT has the best prices for plastic Cannabis pop top vials – dare we say – in the entire planet? Okay, we’ll say it: we have the best marijuana pop top vial prices on the entire planet!

We’ll save you precious time and effort from comparison shopping with our marijuana packaging competitors. You’ll find that what we’re saying is true – DIZPOT offers the best pricing in plastic pop tops and joint tubes.

Our plastic marijuana packaging products do not end with pop top vials or joint tubes – we also carry the finest plastic syringes (applicators) for RSO and FECO. Our syringes (applicators) hold 0.5 gram – 5 grams. Plastic syringes (applicators) allow consumers and patients to accurately dose themselves and may take 2-6 weeks for order fulfillment. DIZPOT offers branded plastic syringes (applicators).

Pop Tops
Our Cannabis pop tops and joint tubes are just the right sizes for Cannabis packaging purposes – one gram (13 dram), eighth ounce (19 dram), quarter ounce (30 dram), half an ounce (60 dram) and one ounce (90 dram). This is an especially inexpensive option for half gram, pre-roll marijuana packages. DIZPOT has two main styles for plastic marijuana pop top lids – hinged squeeze top and a screw top. Our polypropylene pop tops are also available in clear, white, black, teal, orange, green and purple.

Joint Tubes
Our traditional plastic pop top joint tubes are available in clear and solid, opaque colors, and our joint tubes offer a variety of closures, including a cork top, screw top and hinged squeeze top. Brand your plastic marijuana pop top vials with custom labels (we do those, too!). DIZPOT carries various joint tubes in stock, including both pop top, screw top and slip top closures. For orders of non-stocked items, allow 3-12 weeks depending on the type of plastic Cannabis package.

Acrylic is a harder plastic that maintains clarity, making it a great choice for showing off beautiful Thai sticks, moonrocks and other specialty products which patients like to see at the point of sale. Compared to traditional pop tops from other plastics, acrylic allows for easy viewing through its crystal clear, medical grade Cannabis packaging material. Sizes range from 5 ml to 60 ml.

Childproof (Tamperproof) Containers
We also offer completely separate, unique childproof (tamperproof) lids like the two-sided, convertible lid that is airtight when on one side and childproof (tamperproof) when flipped over. Of course, DIZPOT manufactures traditional childproof lids which can be heat-sealed or pressure sealed with in-liners.

Don’t forget – you won’t find better pricing on plastic pop top vials than you’ll receive with DIZPOT! Talk to a product specialist today.


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