Glass Weed Jars

DIZPOT glass stash jars are manufactured to keep your Cannabis airtight. Whether it’s personal or commercial, you can expect to have flower staying fresh, or concentrates staying clean when 420 comes around.

All sizes of our jars, from the 6ml up to our 15ml can be purchased in bulk quantities and can be completely customized with custom lids, printing, and/or labels suiting your business and branding needs – creating a superior brand presentation. The branding comes in a variety of color and printing options and each custom order is handled by our in-house design team. Our one-stop-shop approach will save you time and money! 

Leave a lasting impression! Our customers have said their patients have repeatedly held onto their stash jars for future weed storage needs. Custom branded weed stash jars are great reminders that it’s time to restock — especially when empty! 

Airtight Stash Jars

Along with keeping your stash safe, glass jars do not react to extracts, keeping every dab hit as clean as the day it left the dispensary whether you’re using wax, oil, or something else entirely. Not to mention, jars are a great place to keep kief.

We are a family here at DIZPOT  and our child-resistant packaging meets industry compliance standards keeping the young ones -- and stashes -- safe. These industry compliances are often specific state-to-state so speaking with one of our reps is important to ensure you’re getting the correct containers for your region and our reps are well-versed in compliance for each one.

Customize our glass jars further with air-tight plastic or colored silicone caps. We even offer a variety of liners. Place an order and have our specialized team design a custom glass jar that your customers are sure to love. The customization goes beyond the color of the cap as well. In most situations, we can print the caps with your brand on them. This ensures that even in a drawer or after a wash your brand will stay visible.

Why You Should Consider Storing Your Weed in a Glass Stash Jar 

Perhaps you landed here after doing an internet search for “the right way to store weed”. Or perhaps you're here because lately, you've been catching your secretive pot buddy doing internet searches for cryptic terms such as '100 glass jars for weed 100,' 'airtight stash jars 150,' and '500 glass weed jars,' all while muttering “eureka!” under his breath, and you want to find out what's that all about. You will find the answers you're looking for here.

You're right to be concerned - or at least curious - about the proper way to store weed. Improper storage can cause the weed to lose its potency, develop a harsh taste, and grow mold -- or worse. If stored in the right way, however, Cannabis can remain reasonably fresh for one to two years, according to a study titled, “The Stability of Cannabis and its Preparations on Storage” published by the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology.

The key thing to note here is “stored in the right way”. Unfortunately, if you're like the typical denizen of the weed nation, you probably shove your nugs in a tin box, a tobacco humidor, or that most cliché of Cannabis storage receptacles, the plastic sandwich baggie, and call it a day. None of these options quite meet the 'stored in the right way' standard. Let's see why.

Why Not Store Weed in Tin Boxes, Plastic Baggies, Tobacco Humidors, and similar packaging? 

Let's start with tin boxes. They can ruin your weed by giving it a metallic taste and, in some cases, staining it. While boxes made from stainless steel cure the staining problem, they can still impart a metallic taste. Tin boxes will also not protect your nugs from temperature variations, one of the most significant causes of weed deterioration.

Marijuana Jars

Plastic bags are also a bad storage option. They can give weed an unpleasant, chemical-like odor, making it virtually unusable. In addition, storing weed in a plastic bag creates an electrostatic charge that can fry trichomes, the hair-like filaments containing the all-important cannabinoids, which provide the buzz we associate with weed, and terpenes, which give the various varieties of weed their distinctive flavor and odor. 

The electrostatic charge can also cause your weed to separate from the buds and disintegrate into shake - the loose, leafy detritus you find at the bottom of a bag - which is generally of unpredictable quality. And if you are planning to store your weed in a plastic jar, well, don't, unless the plan is to encourage sweating and mold growth.

What about tobacco humidors? They're still a bad option. Most humidors are manufactured from cedarwood, and the oil can leach into your weed and muck around with its terpene profile, leading to often unpleasant changes in flavor and odor. 

Glass Jars for Weed

Unlike plastic, glass is virtually inert, so stash jars made from this material will not impart your weed with a strange flavor or odor. And unlike metal, glass is an excellent insulator, so it'll protect your pot from unwanted temperature changes, within certain limits - more on that later. In addition, glass doesn't rust, so you don't have to worry about stains.

Glass weed jars do not promote sweating, minimizing the likelihood of mold growth, and they do not generate electrostatic charges, meaning the risk of static cling and the associated disintegration is virtually zero. Unlike their plastic counterparts, these receptacles do not discolor, change shape, or develop a haze after constant use. They're also environmentally friendly and easy to clean. And if you want to show off your moonrocks and concentrates to the best effect, glass jars are hard to beat. 

Choosing the Right Glass Stash Jar 

Just because they're better than practically any other type of storage container out there doesn't mean any old glass weed jar will do. You need to consider a few factors to figure out which marijuana glass jar is right for you.

The first consideration is size, which is, of course, determined by the amount of pot you need to store. Because excess oxygen can speed up the natural degradation process, get a jar that just about fits your nugs. They shouldn't be tightly packed, though; too little space can result in excessively high levels of relative humidity, which can encourage mold growth. In other words, apply a variation of the Goldilocks principle when buying a marijuana stash jar; not too large, not too small, but just the right size. 

Before buying marijuana stash jars, make sure that the lid creates an airtight seal. We offer pressure sensitive, heat induction, and PTFE liner seals. Keep an eye out for jars with lids made from silicone; the material is durable, stretches to create a perfect fit, can withstand extreme temperature variations, and is BPA free. And it doesn't hurt that silicone lids come in a variety of attractive colors!

How To Find Glass Stash Jars 

The best way of tracking down the right glass stash jars is to CONTACT US 

If you're looking for specific sizes, use search terms such as '420 stash jars' to find 420ml jars, '300 marijuana jars' to find 300ml jars, '250 marijuana stash jars' to find 250ml jars, and so on to quickly find other sources. After you do that, come back to us and we will beat them! DIZPOT is your one-stop-shop to serve all your Cannabis packaging needs.

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