Vape pen batteries are an essential component of a great vaping experience. They come in an array of designs, voltages, and prices to suit every possible need and budget. Choose carefully, though; the wrong type can fry your cartridge. All the best! Let DIZPOT design custom packaging exclusively for you! 

Why Use Vape Pens? 

The rising provenance of search terms such as 'vape battery 1600,' 'vape battery pen 2000,' 'vaporizer battery 700,' 'buttonless vape pen battery 200,' 'e-pen battery 60' and 'buttonless vape pen 700' attests to the increasing popularity of vape pens - and the batteries that power them. That's not surprising; vape pens solve many of the challenge’s consumers encounter when using the flower.

Vape pens are very discreet, allowing you to get your fix without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. They do not leave behind the earthy scent we associate with Cannabis.  Vape pens also highly portable - these diminutive devices take up practically no space, making them ideal for the traveling stoner. They also offer a more consistent experience because there's little in the way of crumbling or carbonization. And because they come with a wide variety of Cannabis strains, vape pens a great choice for super-inquisitive patients. On a tight budget? Vape pens are considerably cheaper to use because replacement cartridges are dirt cheap.


What Are Vape Pen Batteries? 

Your typical oil vape pen has three major parts - the oil; a cartridge, which is also known as an atomizer; and a battery. The battery provides the power needed to vaporize whatever is in the cartridge - no surprises here. What you may not know is that you have to choose the right type of battery for your vape pen. If it's too powerful, you may fry your cartridge, making it unusable. On the other hand, if the battery is not powerful enough, the cartridge will be unable to do its thing.

You've probably heard the term '510 thread' or '510 threaded' bandied around in the context of vape pen batteries. These terms refer to the most common type of vape pen batteries on the market today. The vast majority of prefilled cartridges sold in stores use 510 thread batteries. In fact, these types of power packs are found in around 90 percent of vape pens. This ubiquity makes 510 thread batteries a great choice - you can easily find a replacement in most places. The other 10 percent consists of the so-called pods and other larger types of batteries. 

Keep in mind that '510 thread' refers to thread type, not amount of power. Why does this matter? Not every 510 thread battery will be suitable for your vape pen. Some may provide too much or too little power.


What's the Right Voltage for a Vape Pen? 

Most 510 batteries have a voltage of between 3.3v and 4.8v. If you're rocking one of those slim, sexy vape pens, it probably uses a 3.3v battery. Ceramic and wickless pens use higher voltage batteries because they require more power to work. Please check the voltage rating of your vape pen before you go shopping. If you can't find one with the right rating, consider buying a variable voltage battery; you can adjust the voltage to match the rating of your cartridge. Don't know know the right rating for your pen? Start at the lowest possible voltage, and only increase if your cartridge is underperforming.


What Is 'mAh'? 

 Most vape pen batteries have a 'mAh' rating. This stands for milliampere-hour, or milliamp-hour, and is basically an indicator of how long a battery is likely to last. The higher the mAh rating, the longer a battery is likely to last, all else being equal. Vape pen batteries typically have a rating of between 280mAh to 900mAh. Unless you're using a large atomizer or the more power-hungry ceramic or wickless pens, a 280mAh battery should be adequate for your daily needs.


Is It Okay to Use a Different Charger? 

Definitely not. You should only use the charger that came with your battery. A different one may shorten the lifespan of your battery or fry it. Do not use any other charger, even if it matches the port on your battery.


Types of Vape Pen Batteries 

Buttonless Vape Pen Batteries 

These are the most common types of vape pen batteries. They're also referred to as auto draw or slim vape pen batteries. The reason these batteries are sometimes called 'auto draw' is because they only activate when you inhale. These batteries also regulate their voltage depending on how hard you draw. Buttonless batteries are popular because of their convenience - they dispense with the need to click a certain number of times to turn them on or off, for example, virtually eliminating the risk of inadvertently lighting a vape pen in your pocket. Because these batteries are usually low voltage, you should not charge them with high-current chargers.


Vape Pen Batteries with Buttons 

These are the second most common type of vape pen batteries. You have to press and hold a button to operate these types of batteries, thus the name. They're compatible with all 510 thread cartridges. Like their buttonless counterparts, these batteries have a low voltage - 3.7v, typically.


Variable Voltage Vape Pen Batteries 

These types of batteries allow you to regulate battery voltage. Typically, you change voltage using a dial or by clicking a button. The primary advantage of these types of batteries is that you can use them with almost any kind of cartridge, from the frugal slim type to the more demanding ceramic and wickless. Another advantage of these batteries is that you can use them to create variable experiences. Want a more sedate experience with smaller vapor hits? Keep the voltage low. Prefer a more potent punch? Dial up the voltage.


Concealable Vape Pen Batteries 

Most cartridges attach to the end of a battery. If you're unsatisfied with the level of discreteness that arrangement affords, get concealable batteries. These are designed in a way that allows the cartridge to slot inside, providing the ultimate in concealment. They are also very compact, which adds to their discreetness and portability. For convenience, these batteries come with a variable voltage feature.

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