If you need to display smaller products, yet still have enough surface area for product descriptions and branding, blister packaging is the ideal solution. Blister packaging can be made tamper-evident, re-sealable, and child-resistant, making it an attractive option for vendors of Cannabis products. A blister pack keeps edible containers upright on pegs while giving customers the reassurance of sturdy, high-quality packaging – and showcasing your brand! Contact our reps today!

Blister packs have a number of advantages over other forms of packaging. First of all, they're tough and durable. Whether your consumers are buying flower, edibles, or other preparations, clamshell blister packaging, and other forms of blister pack will showcase your product while driving home your branding. Depending on the materials and construction, blister packs can also be made very odor-resistant. This is great for consumers who need a little more discretion around their Cannabis-related purchases. 

Because blister packs can be heat-sealed, it's easy to see when they've been opened. For consumers who may be anxious about their purchases, this is a very reassuring detail. The end purchaser knows exactly what they're getting and can be confident that nothing has been taken away. They can be sure that their purchase is in good condition and won't have become stale, picked up moisture, lost potency, or otherwise deteriorated in the package. 

Another great advantage of blister packs is that they provide a lot of space for branding. If the contents are small, such as a syringe, vial, or a small portion of some Cannabis preparation, it can be difficult to make the product stand out. By enclosing the small container inside a larger blister back, you create extra "real estate" for logos, decoration, and descriptive information about the product. This immediately makes the item more visible on a display shelf or peg hook and allows you to make your product stand out from the crowd.

Blister packs also give products a more professional and trustworthy feel. Many consumers, especially those who are new to buying Cannabis products, are reassured by packaging that resembles things they'd find in a conventional store. Blister card packaging, for example, is a familiar configuration. Because the pack is smart and well-presented, the customer can feel that they're getting a professionally produced item that they can trust to perform as advertised. It's easier for storekeepers to identify and correctly select products requested by customers if the information and branding are clear and easy to see, saving time and making purchasing more convenient.

The additional packaging also prevents absentminded adults from mistaking the contents for anything else. With the growing popularity of edibles that resemble conventional baked goods and confectionery, the possibility of someone eating Cannabis-infused products by mistake has increased.  This can be an uncomfortable or even dangerous experience for an unsuspecting consumer. By blister-packing containers, you're giving people additional information about the substance they're planning to consume and helping to avert this kind of mistake. Anyone coming upon the package can make an informed choice about whether to consume the contents and how much they wish to take. 

These packs can be more informative for the consumer than a tiny label on a syringe or vial might be.  Because blister packs are larger and can incorporate printed cards, large labels and other media, you can add more product information than you could with a small label. Instead of having to strain to read small print on a tiny bottle, the consumer can peruse the information more comfortably. You can instruct the consumer as to the strength and anticipated effects of the product, the best way to use it, and what to be aware of when under the influence. With small print sizes, it's easy for a consumer to misread the strength or dosing instructions of the product. Larger packages make it easy to see how strong the product is and how much they should take. 

Safety Labeled Cannabis Packaging

Safety is perhaps the most important concern when it comes to choosing the right packaging for your cannabis products. As a responsible vendor, you want to make sure that only the intended recipient can consume the items you sell. High-profile cases where children have consumed edibles -- or worse still, taken them to school and shared them with other children -- have made it clear that proper packaging with child-safe features is very important. 

Blister packs are a great way to prevent accidental consumption of Cannabis products. By choosing to blister-pack your goods, you're adding an extra line of defense against curious children, hungry pets or other vulnerable individuals getting into a product intended for adults. It's hard for small fingers to pry apart the edges of a clamshell blister. This is important for any Cannabis-containing product but it's of particular concern when selling edibles. Many popular edible formats, such as gummies or chocolates, are highly attractive to children. They need to be carefully packaged so that a child can't easily open the container. As well as being harder to open, child-resistant packaging is more easily distinguished from the packaging used for ordinary candy or snacks. This means that it's less likely for a Cannabis product to fall into the possession of a child or someone else who shouldn't be taking it. 

Ensuring that your packages are childproof isn't just a matter of responsibility. It's also a regulatory requirement. Laws regarding packaging for Cannabis products vary greatly between jurisdictions and are subject to rapid change; it's important to choose packaging options that comply with current regulations regarding child safety. With secure plastic blister packs, your packaging is more likely to remain compliant even if regulations are made more stringent in your region. 

Custom Cannabis Packaging with Dizpot

If you're looking for Arizona blister packaging suppliers, look no further than DIZPOT. Whether you're buying clamshell blister packaging wholesale or looking for other cannabis product packaging options, DIZPOT has a range of great packaging that's perfect for you. Allow your product range to shine with top-quality blister packaging, jars, mylar bags and more. We offer a range of different packaging materials and configurations, from food-grade bags to clamshell blister packs. Check out our range today!

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