Empty Vape Cartridges

Perhaps you’re here because, lately, people have been commenting about your, um, earthy “cologne” or “perfume”, and you’re wondering if there’s a way of getting a hit without the attention-grabbing scent. Or maybe you’ve noticed that cryptic terms such as ‘cannabis cartridges 510,’ ’empty vape cartridges 1800,’ ‘refillable vape cartridge 1100,’ ‘how to know when oil cartridge is empty 50,’ ’empty vape pen cartridges 450,’ and ’empty cartridge 250′ keep popping up in the Cannabis groups you frequent. You want to find out what’s the deal with cartridges without asking anyone to avoid looking foolish.
Your search stops here. Read on to find the answers you want.

Cannabis cartridges are ideal for anyone looking for a discreet way of enjoying pot. This is because they're filled with concentrate, which unlike the flower, doesn't give off a strong scent - er, an earthy cologne/perfume. Apart from discreetness, another reason you should consider using cannabis cartridges is convenience. You don't have to grind or pack anything, and there's no need for a pipe. Simply press a button to turn on the heating element and start vaping - that's it.

Love trying out new varieties? Cannabis cartridges should be at the top of your list as they come with every strain imaginable. And because they're filled with concentrated fillings, cartridges retain the potency and flavor of cannabis for much longer than regular nugs. Partly because of this longer-lived potency, using cartridges costs less. And compared with dragging on a reefer, vaping is arguably much more satisfying because no burning or carbonizing is involved; both can lead to some loss of cannabis. 

Cannabis cartridges are growing in popularity, which is probably not a surprise, given their advantages. Even seasoned stoners, who in the past wouldn't have touched gizmos of this kind with a ten-foot pole, are increasingly including them in their Cannabis arsenals. In some places, cartridge purchases are outpacing flower sales, something that would have been unimaginable a few years ago - and perhaps a harbinger of things to come.

Types of Cannabis Cartridges By Construction Material 

  1. Plastic Wick 

Plastic wick Cannabis cartridges have a plastic tank and a wick. Of all the cartridges on this list, they're the most affordable, making them particularly suitable for novice vapers. These cartridges are generally intended for use with low-viscosity oils, which do not require much heating.

  1. Glass and Metal 

Glass and metal cartridges are more premium. They can handle oils of virtually any viscosity because glass and metal withstand heat better than plastic. While glass and metal cartridges cost more to buy, they're more cost-effective in the long run, mostly because of their better durability.

  1. Ceramic 

Like their glass and metal counterparts, ceramic cartridges are premium. They come with tiny holes to allow concentrate to pass through when you vape. Ceramic cartridges can be used with oil of various viscosities because they can withstand a considerable amount of heat.

By Type of Concentrate or Herb 

  1. CO2 Oil 

CO2 oil cartridges come with oil extracted using carbon dioxide as the solvent. This form of extraction retains much of the strain's flavor. CO2 oil cartridges are generally popular mainly for this reason.

  1. Distillate Cartridges 

Distillate cartridges come loaded with a particularly potent form of Cannabis concentrate, making them especially suitable for those who need a more powerful hit. The distillate is brewed from winterized concentrates, ultra-chilled forms of CO2 oil or butane hash oil (BHO). The concentrates are distilled to create an end product with levels of THC that can be as high as 95 percent. Distillate cartridges are costlier, but the punch they pack makes them worth every dime.

  1. Live Resin Cartridges 

If you want the full flavor of cannabis, live resin cannabis cartridges are the way to go. To make live resin, freshly cut cannabis is flash frozen and then processed to make a CO2 or BHO extract. Unlike typical drying and curing processes, this approach locks in all the terpenes and flavor profiles of fresh Cannabis. Live resin cartridges are expensive and hard to find, but they pack an experience like no other.

  1. Dry Herb Cartridges 

Dry herb cartridges are designed for use with a variety of herbs and loose-leaf products. The business end of these cartridges features a battery-powered chamber that heats dry herbs to produce smoke. For the best experience, ensure you use the right herbs for your device; some cartridges are incompatible with waxy hash, for example.

  1. Terpene Infused Cartridges 

Standard curing and drying processes destroy many terpenes. To cure this problem, some brands infuse Cannabis oil with terpenes from non-cannabis sources to create strain-specific flavors and improve viscosity.

By Reusability 

  1. Prefilled Cartridges 

Like disposable CBD vape pens, prefilled cartridges are designed to be thrown away after use. The main advantage of these cartridges is that they require no maintenance or recharging. Some disposable cartridges can be reused, particularly if they're well made.

  1. Refillable Cartridges 

These are empty, 510-threaded vape tanks with integrated coil and wicks. You can fill them with your choice of concentrate. They're generally more cost-effective to use than disposable cartridges. While high-quality reusable cartridges cost more, they generally hold up better to repeated use.

How To Find Cannabis Cartridges 

There's no harm in asking your friends for recommendations, of course, but an internet search may give you a better idea of what's available. For better precision, use this trick: if you're looking for a 250-ml refillable ceramic vape cartridge, use the search term 'refillable ceramic vape cartridge 250.' Want a 150-ml cartridge for your next ski trip? Type '150 510 cartridges' into your search bar.

If you're interested in refillable vape cartridges of a specific size, use search terms such as 'empty 510 vape cartridges,' '200 empty the cartridges,' '100 empty the cartridge,' '200 empty vape cartridge,' or '150 e-cig empty cartridges.' Other terms you can use include 'empty 100 blank e-cig cartridges,' '100 empty oil cartridges,' '100 empty vape cartridges,' '90 empty 510 cartridges,' and '90 empty e-cigarette cartridges.' Not enough? Here are more: '90 empty vape cartridges for sale,' '90 510 thread empty cartridge,' and '80 empty e-cig cartridges.'

You can use the same trick to find other types of Cannabis cartridges. For instance, if you're looking for 200-ml bespoke cartridges, use the term '200 custom cartridges.' If you want cartridges from a specific brand, use a search term such as '80 krusher cartridge 80.' Looking for cartridges made from a particular material? Use a search term such as '80 glass vape cartridge.' If you want to find cartridges at wholesale prices - a great way of saving some cash if you're a regular user - use a search term such as ' wholesale 100 empties cartridges.'

Cannabis cartridges pack a powerful punch in a highly portable pack, all without the signature earthy scent of the flower. These are not the only benefits - using cartridges, particularly quality ones, is very cost-effective, and because they come with every type of cannabis variety imaginable, they're ideal for those looking for a convenient way to sample new strains. If you've been looking for a discreet, convenient way of getting your pot fix, Cannabis cartridges may be exactly what the doctor ordered. 

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