Silicone Concentrate Containers

Concentrates are an increasingly popular way to consume Cannabis products. In order for consumers to get the most out of their concentrate products, these need to be delivered in quality containers. Silicone concentrate containers are a great option for concentrate.

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What is Silicone? 

Silicone is a polymer (plastic) with some very interesting properties. Not to be confused with the hard, brittle element silicon, silicone is composed of alternating oxygen and silicon atoms. This molecular structure creates a substance with a low coefficient of friction, meaning that it's very slick and substances don't cling to it. Silicone is largely chemically inert and non-reactive; it doesn't break down or react with other substances.

Silicone has other advantages too. It can be molded into many different shapes, from standard jars to fun novelty forms. It's a very flexible material, able to deform under stress and then bounce back rather than shattering or chipping like standard plastics or glass. Silicone can be made clear and transparent or given virtually any color you care to imagine. It's sturdy, resilient, and heat-resistant.

Because silicone is flexible, it's often used as an insert in a hard plastic or glass jar rather than on its own.

What are Concentrates? 

Concentrates are now a very common way for people to consume Cannabis and related products. They can include oils, waxes, resins, alcohol-based tinctures, and vaporizable formulations (vape). They may be solid or liquid in form.

Compared with the plant in its dried form, Cannabis concentrates are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. They can be smoked or vaporized and inhaled, taken orally, or added to food and beverages. Concentrates may also be added to carrier oils for topical application.

Compared with other forms of Cannabis, concentrates have a faster onset and tend to last longer. They also allow consumers to calculate an effective dose more accurately. This is especially important if someone is using Cannabis to treat a condition like anxiety or chronic pain; the dose needs to be high enough to be effective, without being so high as to cause unwanted effects.

The popularity of concentrates and extracts has grown in recent years as more people discover their appealing characteristics. The combination of strength, convenience, and versatility makes concentrates an attractive choice for many people, especially those who find smoking Cannabis inconvenient or uncomfortable.

Why use Concentrate Containers? 

Concentrates could, theoretically, be sold in many different containers. In theory, there's nothing to stop a vendor from selling wax or resin wrapped in paper or standard plastic bags. The quality of the product would be severely affected, however. The right container is very important for keeping concentrate products in the best possible condition.

There are three main factors that can cause Cannabis products to deteriorate: air, light, and heat. Oxygen in the air reacts with the active compounds in the concentrate, causing it to become much less potent. Some formulations, particularly tinctures, can evaporate if not kept in an airtight container. Contact with the air can have effects, too; oils can change their consistency, for example, or start to smell and taste different. It's possible for some forms of concentrate to develop "off" or stale flavors and aromas as a result of oxygenation.

Light, particularly ultraviolet light, can break down the active compounds in a concentrate. Oils and tinctures are especially vulnerable to this, since they're transparent and light can affect the entire contents of a container. Opaque materials like waxes may be affected more slowly, but can still deteriorate if left in the light for too long.

Heat is a problem for Cannabis concentrates too. This might seem counter-intuitive when you consider that the substance may have been formulated to be smoked or vaporized. Prolonged overheating, however, can cause the active compounds to evaporate away, leaving the concentrate much less potent.

In short, concentrates need to be packaged correctly if the consumer is to enjoy them as intended. Containers need to be air-tight, heat-resistant, and darkened to prevent light from getting in.


Why Choose Silicone Concentrate Containers? 

Today's more demanding consumers are keen that their Cannabis products arrive in peak condition, with no degradation in quality. Some plastics are unsuitable for use with concentrates due to their properties. Many plastics react badly with oils, tending to deteriorate over time. The oil or wax can make the plastic less stable and more friable, causing it to break more easily. The plasticizers used in some plastics can also leach out into the concentrate, changing the flavor and making the concentrate less palatable. There may also be health concerns relating to the consumption of plastic compounds in concentrates, particularly if the concentrate is going to be smoked or vaporized.

Glass gets around this problem by being very stable and inert. Glass, a silicon-based material, won't react chemically with oils or waxes. Glass does have other drawbacks, however. While modern glass containers are highly resistant to breaking, a severe enough shock will still smash them. If struck in the wrong way, such as by being dropped, small flakes and chips may break off the glass and end up in the concentrate. This could be quite dangerous. Glass is also transparent, meaning that light can enter the container and potentially damage the product unless a colored glass is used.

Silicone concentrate containers give you the best of both worlds. They have the chemical non-reactivity of glass, along with the resiliency of plastics. A silicone insert protects the contents of a plastic jar from reacting with the plastic itself. Silicone can be made opaque, preventing light from attacking the active ingredients in the concentrate. Silicone gives your concentrate products a superior shelf-life, allowing them to be stored for longer without any loss of potency or change in their characteristics.

A high-quality silicone container is a great option for selling concentrates. The combination of a solid, durable polythene jar with a silicone insert gives you all the characteristics you need from a concentrate container: it's air-tight, it resists heat, and light can't get in. Your concentrates will reach your consumers in perfect condition and remain that way long after purchase.

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