Edibles Packaging

Arguably the most-accessible and quirkiest products in the Cannabis industry, edibles are quickly becoming more popular with Cannabis consumers who prefer ingesting Cannabis-infused products directly as opposed to smoking or vaping. It should go without saying then, that packaging these Cannabis-infused food products properly is of the utmost importance. Just like buying food in a supermarket, edibles need to be in trustworthy, professional packaging to ensure the consumer has no reservations about eating your product. That’s where DIZPOT comes in.

We’ve done custom edibles packaging for some of the biggest names in the Arizona Cannabis market, and what we’ve learned is that the sky is the limit in terms of how creative you can get with your packaging. We are eager to start a dialogue about your edible packaging needs today!

DIZPOT now offers a wide range of edibles packaging at wholesale prices. Buy in bulk, utilize our creative services to customize, and leave your branding efforts to us. By working with our specialized design team we can help you to get the ideal labeling and branding for all your edibles packaging needs including plastic jars, pop tops, mylar, and/or boxes.

We know that reliable packaging and container wholesalers aren’t easy to find and we want to make sure that once you work with us you find a partner you can trust. We’re always happy to help you get the containers your customers can rely on, keeping your edibles fresh and increasing their shelf life. 

Don’t worry about having to fit your product inside any one-size-fits-all container. Our reps are Cannabis industry experts and can help you find exactly what packaging suits your needs. 

Edible Packaging 

As a responsible dispensary or grow, you need your edible bags and other Cannabis edible packaging to be food-safe and look great. For stronger edibles, it can help if the packaging is also smell-proof.  Edibles packaging comes in a range of different styles and materials, so you're sure to find just the right packs for your business. As edibles grow in popularity, you'll need to stay ahead of the curve with effective and attractive packaging that delivers fresh edibles. 

Edible Mylar Bags 

Mylar bags are one of the most common types of edible packaging. They're inexpensive, convenient, and can be made as discreet or vibrant as necessary. Edible bags are the perfect option for smaller candies and gummies. They're also ideal for chocolates and brownie bites as we can use plastic inserts to provide rigidity/protection. Mylar bags can be as small or large as you need. 

There are many different types, ranging from simple tear-open styles to more sophisticated zip-locking, and child-resistant designs. These are especially popular, as they keep your edibles fresh longer and are harder for children to open accidentally. Edible bags can be made in a range of colors and styles, from transparent mylar that shows off your product to opaque designs that discreetly conceal the contents from prying eyes. 

Our convenient and re-sealable edible bags are constructed from standard food-grade Mylar that helps conceal the aroma of infused edibles. They can then be printed in full color to meet all your branding needs.

 Edible Boxes 

What could be nicer than a presentation box with a selection of different edibles? It's the perfect gift for someone who's new to edibles. Edible boxes come in a range of sizes and styles. There are tiny single-serving packages that are the perfect configuration for edible packaging, to larger rigid boxes with compartments that allow you to create a selection of delicious edibles. As with all edible packaging materials, we have options to make sure your product stays fresh.

Our boxes are a great way to accommodate multiple layers of packaging, and we offer a variety of ways to meet all your branding needs. We can also offer these in lower quantities than our other edibles packaging.

Edibles Pop Tops and Plastic Jars

Edible Pop Tops can be fun and funky, evocative of popular edibles. Mylar cylinders can be printed to represent your dispensary or grow and can be left clear so that customers can see what they're buying. 

Threaded and child-resistant plastic jars can be great for weed edibles that have a high potency, especially in jurisdictions where packaging needs to be medical grade.

A plastic container of edibles is a surefire winner as the ease of packaging and low minimums make it a great option for our customers, while a clear product is great to show off your colorful product.

Glass Jars for Weed Edibles

Glass jars are a premium choice for displaying edibles. They look classy and show off your products to their best advantage. You can purchase large or small glass jars, with a multitude of lid styles, showcasing edible gummies, and other treats. 

Glass jars are also ideal for packaging edibles for retail. They're especially useful when you're selling edibles that need to be kept in good condition over a long period. We offer several options for liners, so your customers know they are getting an untampered and fresh product. If your customers tend to buy their edibles supply in bulk, a glass jar with a tight-fitting PTFE liner is the perfect solution.

As well as looking great and conveying a sense of quality, glass has another big advantage. It's highly resistant to odors. If your customers want a discreet odorless solution, glass is the way to go. 

How to Choose Packaging 

The right packaging will depend on the type of goods you're selling. Some edibles, such as gummies, need the right solution to prolong shelf-life. Trust our Cannabis industry experts to help you choose the proper package so that your edibles are fresh for your customers. 

Cakes and brownies, on the other hand, need more careful packaging. Mylar bags with a plastic tray are often a good choice, as they are completely sealed and don't allow the moist baked goods to dry out and offer protection to keep your product intact.

For small items with a high potency, consider blister packaging. Blister packaging allows a single edible to be unwrapped by the end consumer. Only opening one piece of chocolate or other candy at a time means that the rest stays in good condition, and the consumer knows exactly how many pieces have been eaten.

A major consideration for any vendor is safety. Most jurisdictions have regulations governing the packaging used for edibles. Many products, especially those that might be mistaken for conventional candies, are required to be sold in child-proof containers. In some regions, Cannabis must be sold in medical-grade packaging. As a responsible business, you'll want to make sure that all of your products are sold in packaging that meets your region's highest standards. 

To comply with regulations and give your customers peace of mind, making your products tamper-evident is important. Seals, tear-off strips, and other measures will ensure that your products reach your consumers without any tampering.

Keep in mind that laws vary from state to state, let alone from country to country. They're also evolving, with changes and new developments occurring all the time. It's a good idea to think ahead and select the safest, most child-resistant packaging options for all of your edibles. You can consult with us about the latest regulations before you make an order for packaging. It's annoying to bulk-buy large amounts of packaging, only to find that your edible bags or brownie packaging supplies no longer measure up to the local regulations.

DIZPOT offers a very wide variety of packaging aimed at dispensaries. We have a variety of different options to meet all your edible packaging needs. You'll find your ideal edible packaging solution at DIZPOT. 

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