Joint Tubes

DIZPOT Blunt & Joint Tubes are scientifically engineered to ensure Cannabis safety. Customize any of our sizes (0.25g, 0.5g, 0.7g, and 1g) to fit all branding efforts so dispensaries and vape/smoke shops can showcase your pre-rolled joints without affecting product integrity.

We have glass joint tubes, we have plastic — we even have joint tubes with a flat bottom! Our glass tubes give your product a more luxurious feel, while our plastic tubes have an industry-leading, crystal clear exterior that showcases the product fully at a more economical price.

We offer a wide range of customizable options that even extend past the products on this page. Consult with one of our reps to meet your sizing & cap needs.

Order in bulk and let us design the store packaging! We will keep your joint and blunt tubes upright, and your pre-rolled joints from bending or breaking, with store packaging that is easy for dispensaries & vape/smoke shops to set up. Buy through our wholesale plans and leave the packaging to DIZPOT -- the custom branding and packaging experts!


Consumers who prefer to smoke their legal cannabis or other smoking materials often prefer the convenience of pre-rolled joints. Without protection, though, these ready-made joints are easily damaged. There's also the problem of security and discretion. Joint tubes, also known as blunt tubes, weed tubes, or doob tubes, solve several problems at once.


Joint tubes are glass, metal, or plastic tubes for joints, cigarettes, and cigars. They have a number of great advantages over makeshift solutions such as rolled plastic bags. First and foremost, they protect pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes from damage or deterioration. When transported in a bag, pocket, or purse, a joint can very easily be bent or crumpled. The contents can fall out and become mixed with other items. If the damage is too severe, the joint will be ruined.


Joints can also be damaged if they're simply kept in a drawer or cupboard. Spilled liquids, condensation, or humidity can affect the product. Oils can evaporate, and the cigarette can pick up strong flavors from food or other substances.


Discretion is also an issue for consumers. Cannabis products have a distinctive smell, one which can easily be discerned by those familiar with it. If a cannabis product is carried in a bag or in clothing, the smell can be transferred to those items. It can be hard to remove the odor. This can draw unwanted attention in certain contexts, such as at the workplace, at an educational establishment. Having clothes or other possessions that smell of cannabis may also cause difficulties in interactions with authorities. 


Perhaps the greatest concern, however, is safety. If a cannabis product isn't stored in a joint tube or another secure container, it may inadvertently be consumed by someone who should not be taking cannabis. Children are the main candidates for such accidental flower consumption. There have been many cases over the years where youngsters have managed to access cannabis in one form or another, and have suffered severe reactions to it. With very small children, at the age when interesting new objects are apt to be investigated by being placed in the mouth, the problem is compounded by their small body size.


While children are the primary concern, pets have also been known to chew up joints and become unwell afterward. Dogs are the usual victims of accidental cannabis consumption, with cats occasionally falling victim too. Symptoms of cannabis intoxication in pets can be quite severe, with the animal becoming uncoordinated and falling over. A cat or dog who has eaten flower might become alternately depressed and anxious or agitated, experience vomiting, or develop an abnormally slow heart rate. If large quantities are involved, seizures and coma may result.


Adults can sometimes consume flower by mistake as well. Household members who suffer from learning difficulties or dementia may also mistake a loose joint for something else, and smoke it or otherwise consume it. The effects of flower on people with conditions affecting the mind can be unpredictable, with some individuals experiencing anxiety and paranoia. Too much cannabis for someone who's unaccustomed to it can cause nausea and other uncomfortable effects.


Thus, you can see the importance of properly sealing ready-made joints in a child-safe container. As a responsible vendor, providing your customers with child-safe packaging is an important consideration. If you sell pre-rolled joints yourself, you may need to provide them in child-safe joint containers in order to comply with local or state laws and regulations governing the sale of flower. Products sold in joint tubes can be further secured by placing the tube inside plastic clamshell packaging, which needs to be opened using a certain amount of dexterity. 


Selling ready-rolled joints in joint tubes also gives your customers an added bonus. The joint container can be re-used and could be considered a free gift. This is especially true of joint tubes that have been printed with attractive or amusing customized branding. If a product comes packed in a useful container, it's more appealing to the consumer.


Joint tubes come in a number of different configurations. When people hear the term "weed tube" or "doob tube" they often picture the widely sold conical type, which resembles a joint in shape. These are far from the only type available, however. Plastic joint tubes come in a range of shapes and sizes. There are small tubes with domed bottoms, as well as longer tubes and flat-ended ones. Lids for joint tubes also come in different varieties. If security isn't a primary concern, a simple cork stopper looks esthetically pleasing and has environmental benefits. For tubes that need to be child-safe, ridged or flanged plastic stoppers may be preferable. Pop-top joint tubes have a convenient integral lid, which has the advantage that it won't fall off or get lost while the tube is open.


Joint tubes are highly versatile. They can be used to package many different items besides joints. Loose flower can be packed into a tube, as can small quantities of edibles (provided the plastic is food-safe). Vape fluid can be sold in tubes, as well as a concentrate or infused oils. A plastic joint tube is also the perfect container for small items that are easily damaged in transit or ones that tend to get lost if they're not well-packaged. These could include batteries, vape cartridges, and gauze filters.


As well as packaging products in joint tubes, they can also be sold on their own as useful accessories. Customers are often interested in ways to store their purchases more safely. If you're buying joint tubes wholesale, setting out a few to sell cheaply or give away as free gifts can improve your customers' experience. 


DIZPOT is your one-stop shop for all your cannabis packaging needs. Whether it's glass weed jars to keep flower fresh, joint tubes to make sure that smokable products stay smokable, or food-safe Mylar baggies for brownies and gummies, DIZPOT has what you're looking for. There's a range of weed packaging options, many customizable to your specifications. Many containers come in a choice of colors or can be printed with your store's branding. Why not find out more today?

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