Custom 3-Pack Joint Pack

Cardboard is a fantastic way to creatively display Cannabis products such as cartridges, concentrates in jars and pre-roll packs among other products. With your imagination and the DIZPOT team, your brand can create any shape, any closure and any size of cardboard marijuana packaging. DIZPOT can help you create whatever cardboard product you need – compact boxes for your oil cartridges, cartons of your premium pre-rolls or the ever creative retail display. While your products will look beautiful individually packaged in cardboard, DIZPOT can also create point of sale display boxes for easy shipping and setup in your retail partner dispensaries. All branding starts at first interaction, so whatever your cardboard Cannabis packaging needs may be, DIZPOT will create a design to stand out and get noticed by your ideal customer. Cannabis patients and recreational consumers want to read information on cardboard marijuana packaging to learn more about what they’re consuming and the companies that produce it. Even the smallest of boxes can make the biggest difference in developing a loyal customer into a brand ambassador through brand recognition across the multiple stores your products may be in and provide helpful consumer education. DIZPOT manufacturing offers a multitude of finishes for cardboard marijuana packaging like spot varnish or gloss, matte coating, holes for hanging displays, perforated lines for ease of tearing and die cut windows and flaps, all in the interest of elegantly displaying your product. DIZPOT also has several fun print finish options like foil, varnish, embossing and stamping or debossing.



Custom 3-Pack Joint Pack (Copy)