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The DIZPOT subscription service offers you an opportunity to double-down on DIZPOT creative services. Through the subscription service, you are able to have full-access to the creative team by establishing priority service for all of your needs at 50% off the current rate.

Having the DIZPOT subscription service is like having a graphics and branding team work for you. Just think of it as a cost-efficient & reliable way to have your own designers. With our professional team, we know the Cannabis packaging industry, including state-to-state regulations.

We provide OLD SCHOOL SERVICE, offering you a chance to streamline the whole process. What can take a graphic designer weeks to complete, takes us a matter of days, increasing your speed to market.

To see our up-front credit rate, please check out the outline of all of our current services offered at the subscription level below.

Service Credits
Box Package Design 2.00
Mylar Package Design 1.50
Label Design 1.00
Jar Design 0.50
Pop Top Design 0.50
Exit Bag Design 0.50
Tin Design 1.50
Dab Mat Full Design 1.00
Dab Mat Placement Design 0.50
Hardware Design 0.25
Swag 0.50
Service Credits
Flyer – Content & Concepts 2.00
Flyer – Templated Design 1.00
Logo (Full Graphic) 3.00
Logo (Text) 1.50
Revisions – New Concepts 1.00
Revisions – Text or Graphic Swap (per SKU) 0.25
Revisions – Scaling (per SKU) 0.50
Web Banner / Social Graphics 1.50
CAD 0.50
Mock Up 0.50
Press Proof 0.25
Service Credits
Digital Proof 0.25
Custom Dieline – Folding Product 1.00
Custom Dieline – Non-Fold 0.50
Style Guide Creation for Brand 6.00
Client Meeting (1 hour) 1.00
Photography – Location (in PHX) 3.00
Photography – Studio 1.50
Photography – Candid (No Editing) 1.00
Video – 15 Second 4.00
Video – 30 Second 6.00

There is NO HESITATION here! With the DIZPOT subscription service, you are also saving 50% off our regular prices by paying in full. There are three options — a $3K, $5K & $10K plan – that can really help you minimize costs for the next year. Upon purchasing a plan, you are given 30, 50, or 110 credits which can be spent throughout the year on creative services at the already discounted rate that is exclusive to DIZPOT subscription service members.

At DIZPOT we abide by THE GOLDEN RULE, meaning we treat others the way we wish to be treated and that extends to our customers. We offer the subscription service so we can be your one-stop-shop to service all of your packaging and branding needs, while being extremely easy to work with. Let us work our magic to keep your costs down while delivering a remarkable product.


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