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DIZPOT Brings the Facts: Using Cannabis to Defend Against COVID-19

DIZPOT Brings the Facts: Using Cannabis to Defend Against COVID-19 A new study published in the “Journal of Natural Products,” stating that cannabis can help fight COVID-19, has those that have helped to steer the narrative of the plant’s medicinal effects gleaning with hope. Social media platforms have ignited with commentary and many major news […]

Why you should vote “YES” on Prop 207 in Arizona

What is Prop 207? Proposition 207 would allow adults over 21 to possess 1 ounce of marijuana, with no more than 5 grams being marijuana concentrate. Each adult would also be permitted to have six plants in their home. Prop 207 will also decriminalize and amend criminal penalties for marijuana possession. Funding Prop 207 generates […]

PRESS RELEASE: DIZPOT CEO, John Hartsell to co-host MITA’s Election Night Coverage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 29, 2020 DIZPOT CEO, John Hartsell to co-host MITA’s Election Night Coverage Hartsell joins other Cannabis industry leaders in Arizona as they await election results on AZ Prop 207 PHOENIX— October 29, 2020 — The Marijuana Industry Trade Association (MITA) in Arizona will be hosting an online watch party on Election […]

A Letter to the Editor of Hemp News from John Hartsell, owner of DIZPOT.

Letter to the Editor John Hartsell Owner, DIZPOT LLC The Green Rush is over?  Middle America says otherwise. Founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, Cheryl Shuman recently proclaimed that “the Green Rush will be over” and that only consolidation lies ahead. Shuman has made a name for herself influencing high-stakes investments in the California […]

Tennessee Liquor License Ruling May Impact Cannabis Markets

The Decision:  On Wednesday, June 19th, the Supreme Court struck down a Tennessee law requiring at least a two-year residency to obtain a retail liquor license. The 7-2 ruling opens the state’s alcohol industry to chain stores like Total Wine. This decision may have deep-reaching impacts on the current legal Cannabis industry as many state […]

DIZPOT’s Weekend Quick Hits 6/28/2019

Oregon has too much cannabis. Two laws may help the state manage its surplus Oregon has been primed for producing an excess of cannabis since before recreational legalization. Through their effective “Go Legal” campaign, designed to transform black market producers into legal farmers, Oregon has found itself with the largest relative surplus in the country. […]

DIZPOT’s Weekend Quick Hits 6/21/2019

The weekend is almost upon us – here are some “Quick Hits” of cannabis industry related news articles from the week. Colorado Surpasses $1 Billion in Tax Revenue from Cannabis Sales  Colorado, along with Washington, is recreational cannabis’ oldest market. This article features the benefits that recreational marijuana can bring, along with the lessons learned […]

May’s Haze – Thanks to our Awesome Customers!

On Friday the 24th of May, DIZPOT had the pleasure of hosting May’s Haze, a Cannabis Industry Networking event. We had a great time and would like to thank our excellent partners and customers for attending this successful event! Over 100 industry professionals were able to participate in this event, along with the DIZPOT team […]

Cannabis Product Trends for the Past Year are in, Stay Ahead of the Industry with our Analysis.

Here at DIZPOT, we believe that staying informed and ahead of the curve is an absolutely vital part of what makes us such a force in the Cannabis Packaging Industry. Our ears are constantly open to exciting new options and ideas, but we would be at fault if we did not take this same proactive […]