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DIZPOT Quick Hits 7/5/2019

Nurses accidentally get high after grandfather brings ‘thank you’ cake laced with cannabis Man unknowingly gifts an edible to a hospital nurse staff. Reportedly left over from his grandson’s birthday party. The cake didn’t cause any harm, but apparently, the staff is getting some new information on how to receive edible gifts. Cease-And-Desist Order Issued […]

DIZPOT’s Weekend Quick Hits 6/28/2019

Oregon has too much cannabis. Two laws may help the state manage its surplus Oregon has been primed for producing an excess of cannabis since before recreational legalization. Through their effective “Go Legal” campaign, designed to transform black market producers into legal farmers, Oregon has found itself with the largest relative surplus in the country. […]

DIZPOT’s Weekend Quick Hits 6/21/2019

The weekend is almost upon us – here are some “Quick Hits” of cannabis industry related news articles from the week. Colorado Surpasses $1 Billion in Tax Revenue from Cannabis Sales  Colorado, along with Washington, is recreational cannabis’ oldest market. This article features the benefits that recreational marijuana can bring, along with the lessons learned […]

Cannabis Product Trends for the Past Year are in, Stay Ahead of the Industry with our Analysis.

Here at DIZPOT, we believe that staying informed and ahead of the curve is an absolutely vital part of what makes us such a force in the Cannabis Packaging Industry. Our ears are constantly open to exciting new options and ideas, but we would be at fault if we did not take this same proactive […]