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Tin marijuana packaging is the perfect example of marrying the charm of old school tradition with new, high-class products and design – DIZPOT’s specialty! With many memorable and high-end uses, tin Cannabis packing is a great investment that will last with your customer for a long time. Cannabis consumers love to collect and reuse their tins, making a larger advertising impact on your brand recognition, a worthwhile asset. Tin also provides a sturdy transportation method that protects your customer’s flower and pre-rolls on the go.

DIZPOT tins are available in slider, clam, screw top, slip top and even nitrogen-sealed cans. Slider tins are great for containing multiple pre-rolls and raw Cannabis flower. Clam tins are arguably the most popular style among tin marijuana packaging, making it very functional for medicated mints, covered fruit or espresso beans and hard candies. Screw top tins also serve the same purposes successfully.

Customize with labels, print directly on the tin or emboss for the best tin Cannabis package. Create large tins with dividers perfect for medicated popcorn and cookies. Or design a gift package your customers won’t be able to pass up – like a collection of oil cartridges, mini vials of flower and branded batteries in a fitted foam form. Your product will be displayed securely, perfect for going all out for 4/20 and 7/10.

While we do offer nitrogen-sealed cans, for the consumer concerned with flavor and the smell of their cannabis, we would urge you to consider a different tin Cannabis packaging option. Using this method injects nitrogen into the tin and eliminates the natural odor from the flower.

But really, the sky’s the limit with tins – we can produce it all since the material is super versatile. Plus, tin will continue to be a long-term marketing tactic with value remaining long after the product inside is consumed.

For stock items, you can have your tins on-hand in as little as a week. Stock tins can be elevated with branded, custom labelling (learn more about DIZPOT labels here). Custom tins do take a bit more lead way but are well-worth the time it takes (10-12 weeks) to tailor to your brand.

Tin marijuana packaging is a classic, long-lasting option for your dispensary!

The DIZPOT Custom Creation Process
Creating a custom tin marijuana package is a simple process with the DIZPOT graphics and sales team. First, DIZPOT will consult with you to determine the size, shape and closure style you prefer for your company. You’ll be able to choose from several tin Cannabis packaging styles: slider, clam, screw top, slip top and nitrogen-sealed. Next, the DIZPOT will work with you to finalize the artwork for customization through printing, embossing or labels, resulting in a digital proof. Once you approve the digital proof, we’ll send it off to the production line. You’ll have your custom order within 10-12 weeks!


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